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At QSIP we understand the importance of reliability and consistency of materials that you use as a clinician when your reputation and ultimately your patients welfare are reliant on this. We are also aware of the bewildering amount of choice available today and the confusion and consumption of time that this choice generates.

At the International Dental Showcase in Cologne in March 2015 there were 285 different dental implant manufacturers displaying their products, many of them offering multiple varieties of implant. Some seem to offer incredible value and cost savings, but one has to question – are these products proven? Will they still be there in the coming years to support you and your patients now and into the future? There is a balance to be struck. You need and want quality in workmanship, precision and reliability now and in the future. You need predictability and consistency in results and the security of ongoing support. You also need and want value to help you to be successful and ultimately deliver what is best for the patient.

At QSIP we have done the work for you. Through research and consultation we have worked hard to source and partner with companies that match and deliver on all of these fronts. All our suppliers are long established and provide products that are research based and proven, that you can rely on and come with extended warranty and support and comply with all regulatory requirements. Anthogyr for example guarantees under contract to continue to support any implant range should it ever be discontinued or replaced with prosthetic parts and components for 30 years after the corresponding fixture has been discontinued.

Our suppliers products are innovative and in many cases unique. In some instances our suppliers have been and continue to be used by other companies for their expertise and skillset to produce and manufacture products for them. You may already be using some of their products albeit under different branding.

We promise to continue to deliver best quality to you but we will also do so while delivering the best possible price quality ratio.

Below is a brief outline and history of some of our suppliers showing their longevity and pedigree. We trust you will be reassured but should you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Our Partners


In 1947 in Sallanches, at the foot of Mont-Blanc Mountain, an area with a rich history of micro mechanics, a family of clock and watch-makers created Anthogyr. For the 68 years since then they have been proving that an independent company on human scale can compete effectively with the biggest players on the market. The aim of Anthogyr today is to reinforce its position as a key player in Implantology, continuing to improve daily practice for customers, both dentists and laboratories, and offering solutions with significant added values.

Anthogyr have 30 years expertise in dental Implantology and have been making dental implants since 1981 when it was first subcontracted to manufacture implants.

In 1995 they launched the first Anthogyr branded implant and created their own R&D department. In 2007 they built a new 8,000 sqm facility incorporating the most up to date technology and processes. In 2009 Anthogyr launched the Axiom® implant.

From 2010 to 2013 the Anthogyr group showed growth of 190%.

Listening and ensuring customer satisfaction are values that are strongly anchored in theAnthogyr philosophy. They define their reputation and highlight their difference.

“Anthogyr’s focus is on maintaining long-term relationships with all their customers based on fairness and respect“.

Zest Anchors:

For 40 years, ZEST Anchors has been a global leader in the manufacturing of overdenture attachments. The original ZEST® Anchor Attachment was developed in 1972 by Max Zuest at his dental laboratory in San Diego, California. ZEST pioneered self-aligning attachments to combat the damage done by the improper seating of overdentures. With the introduction of the LOCATOR® Attachment System in 2001, ZEST Anchors experienced tremendous growth in both size and worldwide recognition.

Today, more than 70 manufacturers have partnered with ZEST to customize their LOCATOR® pivoting technology abutments to be interface compatible with over 350 different implant products. The LOCATOR® product line is their third generation of attachments and has achieved worldwide acceptance as the premier overdenture attachment in the dental industry.

Zest Anchors are the recipient of many Awards and are a regular nomination in the top 25 dental products and readers’ choice by Dentistry Today. By creating exciting new products that are second to none, the continued success of ZEST Anchors is cemented in the philosophy of placing patient satisfaction above all else.


Since 1995 Bioteck has approached the market with a high quality, innovative product achieved through deantigenation – i.e. the elimination of substances that if grafted, would cause an immune reaction – obtained through an enzymatic process. Enzymatic deantigenation is a highly sophisticated method. Instead of using organic solvents or high temperature, lytic enzymes are used that operate at 37C and selectively eliminate the antigenic component of the bone.

In 2000 Bioteck received certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

2004 saw the development of a new Turin-based Tissue Processing Laboratory. The offices cover more than 2000 m2, of which 250 are taken up by clean rooms. In 2008 The Vicenza offices were further extended and a larger warehouse was established to cope with the increasing market demands.

Bioteck devices are widely spread in many fields of regenerative medicine, such as Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Dental Surgery.  Some products such as the Flex line (flexible bone substitutes) are unique to the market.

In Summary Bioteck bone substitute materials are safe and perfectly biocompatible and extensively researched. Thanks to the enzymatic treatment, the biological and mechanical properties are preserved. The natural structure of bone and type I collagen is not altered. Once implanted, they are subject to complete remodelling: they are entirely substituted by newly-formed bone tissue.


Reiner Dental is part of the Reiner Group, a company first established in 1927 that comprises of 4 divisions: automotive, electrical household appliances, medical and industrial.

Reiner Dental specialises in the manufacture of high-precision parts for the healthcare market. They offer a 5 year guarantee on all their products.

Quality Gaurantee

  • CE marking
  • Medical Manufacturer’s Licence
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 7 Cleanroom

Reiner guarantees its commitment to its customers through its core values, Quality and Efficiency, Customer-orientation, Results-oriented, Proactivity, Know-how, Positivity and Innovation.


Bastos Viegas:

Currently, Bastos Viegas employs about 360 people in a modern premises, with a covered area of approx. 50.000 sq.m, implemented in a total area of 125.000 sq.m of land. The company runs 3 automatic warehouses, with a total installed storage capacity of over 18.000 palettes/containers.

Bastos Viegas produces the most varied types of surgical sets, from the small ambulatory surgery to surgical draping sets, of catheterization, anaesthesia, as well as big surgical sets for specific operations. Bastos Viegas has a high capacity for packaging and sterilization by steam and ETO.

The company is certified by the norms EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2004. All products considered Medical Devices are registered and certified for the use of the CE mark.

Bastos Viegas objective is to keep and develop the concept of offering consistent quantity made in Europe.