Compatible Components

abutments1We provide compatible abutments, healing collars, impression copings and analogs for Nobel Branemark, Biomet 3i, BTI, Biohorizons, Straumann, Zimmer, Astra and Dentsply Implants. Our compatible abutments are provided through Reiner Dental and come with a 5 year Warranty as standard.

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Available Componants:

Castable Abutments

Cylinders used to prepare the prosthesis on the implant. Made with medical plastic and with outstanding casting quality, they leave no residue. Available for several types of implants and plates, unitary (non-rotating) or multiple (rotating) solutions.

PEEK temporary abutments

Abutments for temporary use. Made with PEEK medical plastic, an innovative material with high mechanical properties, making it a suitable replacement for titanium in the mouth and with a better visual impact because it is similar in colour to teeth.

Cobalt-chrome cast-to abutments

A cylinder with a machined base which is used to prepare the prosthesis on the implant. A cobalt-chrome base that guarantees maximum precision and a castable plastic body with outstanding casting quality, allowing simple and flexible processing.

Titanium abutments

Attachment manufactured with grade 5 titanium which is used as the base for the prosthesis on the implant. Suitable for drilling, they can be screw or cement attachments. Also available in straight and angled versions (normally 15 and 25⁰).


Titanium transepithelial base which serves to support the prosthesis, ensuring a safe and stable attachment in the most delicate area. It can be used together with its own castable cap or to reinforce a zirconium structure in high stress areas, thus prolonging the prosthesis’ useful life.


Titanium screws to attach any type of prosthesis to the implant (medical case) or to the laboratory analogue implant (prosthetic case). Available for all of our implant systems, depending on the design of the head. It must be used together with its respective tool.


The implant analogue or replica reproduces the implant connection and replaces it during the prosthetic work. It is manufactured with medical grade stainless steel.

Impression transfers

These consist of an abutment and a screw and are used to take an impression. They are used to transfer the exact position of the implant from the patient to the working model in the laboratory. Made with titanium.

Healing cap

Titanium attachment that is placed on the implant, to protect it against masticatory stress during the osseointegration phase. Available in several heights for each implant system.

Multiunit Converters

Titanium attachments that covert internal connections into a tapered external connection, lifting the emergence profile to meet the requirements of special cases. Available in several heights and angulations (normally straight, 17 and 30⁰).


A wide range of tool tips for all kinds of screws, with various sizes of handles, torque wrenches and adaptors. All compatible together and available separately or in very handy kits. Made with tempered stainless steel to ensure good durability.