Choosing a narrow diameter implant often meant a sacrifice in attachment performance and ultimately patient satisfaction. To provide patients with the quality of care that they desire, an increasing number of clinicians have recognized the benefits of using the next generation of narrow diameter implants for retaining overdentures. The LODI system has answered clinician requests and patient demands for a less invasive, predictable, and cost-conscious technique for securing dentures. The LODI system now allows users to treat patients with the minimum standard of care of an implant-supported overdenture at a reduced cost and with greater satisfaction.

PRODUCT_CALLOUTS1: The LOCATOR Attachment’s dramatically reduced vertical height provides patient comfort when the denture is removed, as well as increased denture strength as compared to O-Ball attachments

2: Aggressive thread design that widens at the coronal portion providing primary stability when immediate loading may be indicated

3: Proven RBM roughened surface on entire length of the implant

4: Self-tapping design for ease of implant insertion and increased implant stability

5: The LOCATOR Male self-aligns and pivots inside the denture cap providing a genuine resilient connection that holds-up to patient mastication forces while providing attachment durability

6: LOCATOR Attachment is available in 2.5 and 4mm cuff heights for implant placement flexibility, attachment interchangeability and replacement should wear occur throughout time

7: Available in 2.4 and 2.9mm diameters and 10, 12 or 14mm lengths for placement in all ridges

Each implant is packaged with your choice of a 2.4mm or 2.9mm LODI implant, LOCATOR Abutment, Denture Cap, and LOCATOR Males with 3 different retention levels.


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