AxIN® Screw-Retained Tooth

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Discover AxIN®, the single-unit screw-retained customised Simeda® solution for all sectors, without glue or sealing cement.

AxIN® is a zirconia tooth installed on a removable titanium base for Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL implants. Its distinctive characteristic is the screw inserted through the bottom surface of the specifically machined prosthesis.

With its narrow channel, the incisal edges are preserved and the mechanical integrity is facilitated even on small size teeth.The result is a better biological safety for restorations that respect the natural anatomy of the tooth.

Anthogyr innovates with AxIN®, a zirconia screw-retained Simeda® tooth without glue or sealing cement, for an aesthetic and functional result in the entire sector.

The product advantages

100% without glue or sealing cement

Available in 3 zirconias: Sina Z, Sina T, Sina ML

Free Angulated Access from 0° to 25°

Emergence of screw channel Ø 2 mm

Tightening to 25 with ball wrench for all Angulated Access solutions

Temporary angulated solution to pre-shape the soft tissue

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Results from a prospective 3-year multicentre
randomized controlled clinical trial

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