Axiom® BL 2.8 implant

The incisive choice!

Axiom® BL 2.8 is a narrow implant for the Axiom® Multi-Level® solution in cases with tight mesiodistal space on the incisor. A true two-piece tool 2.8 mm in diameter, ideal for single-unit restorations in tight spaces in the aesthetic anterior sector. Made from medical Grade V Titanium with a BCP® surface treatment for more effective osteointegration.

The Axiom® BL 2.8 in the REG profile features a fully sealed conical Morse taper with no fixation screws. The abutment’s impact is calibrated and atraumatic thanks to Safe Lock®.

The product advantages

A single dedicated Axiom® BL 2.8 surgical and prosthesis kit

Conical, hermetic, 1.5°, half-angle connection

Platform switching to stabilise soft and hard tissue

Option of a sealed, single-unit prosthesis with cementing performed outside of the mouth

Advanced design and use of Medical Grade V Titanium for optimal durability

Anthogyr Serenity® guarantee

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