Bioteck Pericardium

The pericardium membrane from Bioteck is a structured membrane where many molecular links among its constituents (collagen and elastin) are preserved. Its protection time is quite long at 3-4 months, after which time degradation begins, and the membrane is no more occlusive.

Compared to a standard collagen membrane its protection time is much longer but can be handled as easily as a collagen variant. Fixation is not necessary and it is resorbable but is recommended if stability is not certain.

The heart membranes are obtained from natural pericardium by an exclusive Bioteck deantigenation process. This treatment is such that the tridimensional structure and the links between collagen fiber and elastin (the main pericardium components) are left untouched.

This gives the membranes a long protection time and a mechanical resistance that allows them to be sutured without any risk of tearing. The presence of not-denatured collagen facilitates bone regeneration, making HEART membranes the ideal choice for a great number of applications

The product advantages

Enzymatic process

Beta ray sterilisation

Safety and quality

Total biocompatibility

Complete remodelling

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