Rhein83 Sphero Block

Sphero Block Implant Abutments by Rhein83 are available for ALL narrow body implant systems.

The Sphero Block implant abutment for overdenture attachments is compatible with any implant system currently on the market. Sphero Block is a stationary ball implant attachment that comes in 2.5 mm and 1.8 mm diameters. It has been designed to correct angulation issues up to 28° between 2 implant abutments.

This attachment is titanium nitrate coated and has a Vickers surface hardness of 1600. The female component of the attachment is a nylon cap that comes in a variety of colours and snaps over the ball to help prevent wear and increase retention.

Kit contains:

Titanium Abutment with Swivel Sphere (2.5mm sphere)

OT Caps (normal size – yellow / pink / clear)

Stainless Steel Housing

Protective Disk

Directional Rings

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