Axiom BL 2.8 Prosthesis Line

The Axiom® BL 2.8 prosthesis line is specific to the Axiom® Bone Level 2.8 implant. It offers prosthetic solutions to narrow mesiodistal spaces on the incisor.

Made with a true conical Morse taper, the final abutments are held in place without fixation screws and are inserted gently with calibrated impact using Safe Lock®.

The product advantages

N/4.0 and R/4.8 platforms are identified by colour codes and laser markings

Straight and angulated temporary inLink® abutments for positioning that is adapted to the channel heights of temporary, multiple-unit prostheses

Complete laboratory kit with components to prepare the temporary and final prostheses

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Results from a prospective 3-year multicentre
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