Grade V medical titanium

A durable, biocompatible material

Axiom® Multi Level® solutions and Simeda® and Connect+® prosthetic parts are made of medical grade V titanium.

The most durable material on the market, its performance is long-proven and features excellent biocompatibility. The mechanical qualities of medical grade V titanium makes implants safe for patients and reduces the invasiveness of procedures by allowing smaller-diameter implants to be used in the same site.

The product advantages

Dynamic strength higher than medical grade IV titanium or other titanium alloys1

Properties of osteointégration2

Recognised biocompatibility in oral and orthopaedic surgery3

No scientifically demonstrated cytotoxic or genotoxic3 effects

A combination of medical grade V titanium and our BCP® (biphasic calcium phosphate) osteoconducting surface treatment.

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Results from a prospective 3-year multicentre
randomized controlled clinical trial

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