Q-SIP has over 2,000 USTOMED products available to our customers covering all areas of dentistry.

USTOMED dental instruments come from Tuttlingen, Germany, the world’s most important cluster for medical technology. USTOMED develops, designs, produces and sells instruments for dentists and oral surgeons.

Over 30,000 satisfied customers in over 30 countries around the world work with well over 2 million of our products every day.

Close cooperation with international leading users, universities and opinion leaders enables the requirements for new methods and standards to be identified earlier and solutions to be developed more quickly.

USTOMED customers benefit from years of experience, excellent customer service and great expertise in the areas of instrument reprocessing, sterilisation and organisation.


Please browse or download our instrument brochures below, or speak with a member of our team today to learn more. 

Product Highlights

Bone Fixation Set

The USTOMED bone block fixation set - for fixation of bone grafts

The new USTOMED bone block set is now also available on the German market. The set can be ordered with both conventional titanium screws and special implant steel screws.

Consisting of:

68-720-002: Storage container for screws, Ø 1.0mm / 1.2mm

68-740-002: Screwdriver, 11cm

68-760-102: Blade, cross, self-holding, for Ø 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm and 1.6mm screws, 60mm

1 x pack of titanium screws or implant steel screws of your choice – please order separately

1 x pre-drill Ø 0.8mm, 1.0mm or Ø 1.2mm >> of your choice of screws

Umbrella Technique Set

Special instrument set for augmentation technique according to Dr. Markus

Schlee on vertical bone augmentation.

The set consists of the following parts:

Storage container


Blade, Keuzschlitz, self-holding

6 umbrella screws: each 2x 8mm, 11mm, 13mm

Pilot drill Ø1.0mm

Ustomed Bone Mill

Our high-quality bone mill stands out thanks to its intuitive design.

This makes it extremely easy to use!

The cutting cylinder included with every mill is available in three sizes:

  • S (2mm)
  • M (3mm)
  • L (4mm)


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