Geistlich Mucograft®

Geistlich Mucograft is a collagen matrix designed specifically for soft-tissue regeneration in the oral cavity. It is indicated for gaining keratinized tissue and for recession coverage. Geistlich Mucograft provides an alternative to autologous soft-tissue grafts. Painful harvesting of tissue is avoided, benefiting patients and clinicians alike.

Geistlich Mucograft® consists of two structures: the compact structure provides stability while allowing open healing; the spongy structure supports blood clot stabilisation and ingrowth of soft-tissue cells.

The product advantages

No harvest-site morbidity

Less pain compared with autologous grafts

Reduced surgical chair-time compared with autologous grafts

Natural soft-tissue colour and texture match

Early vascularization and good soft-tissue ingrowth

Good wound healing, also in open situation

Easy handling2 and application in a dry state

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