Axiom BL Prosthesis Line

The Axiom® BL REG/PX prosthesis line is compatible with both the Axiom® BL REG and the Axiom® BL PX implants thanks to its shared, single-diameter conical connection.

It can be used for any indication: from catalogue ranges to Simeda® CAD-CAM solutions, whether prostheses are cemented or screw-retained, single-unit or complete, to stabilise the entire prosthesis.

The product advantages

Handling soft tissue is now stress free thanks to consistent height profiles of healing screws on final abutments

Maintains the epithelium and connective tissue attachment thanks to components that come sterilised, for immediate placement of standard, Multi-Unit, and inLink abutments

Selection of solutions for screw-retained, multiple-unit prostheses: on inLink® or Multi-Unit abutments, with immediate or delayed loading

Wide range of height profiles for cemented prostheses 5 gingival heights and 4 height diameters

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Results from a prospective 3-year multicentre
randomized controlled clinical trial

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