Bioteck Bio-Gen

The Bio-Gen range of bone substitute materials from Bioteck offer an excellent alternative to the Geistlich Bio-Oss range while also providing outstanding value.
Bioteck bone substitutes are obtained from equine bone tissue and are enzymatically treated with Zymo-Teck®. This exclusive proprietary process is based on the utilisation of lytic enzymes operating at controlled temperatures. This enables the complete elimination of the antigen components of the tissue, without the mineral phase undergoing any changes.
The unmodified bone mineral component is recognized as endogenous by the osteoclasts, thereby allowing for the total remodelling of the graft, which is completely replaced, in physiological time, by new patient vital bone tissue, providing the best possible conditions for osseointegrated implants.

The product advantages

Enzymatic process

Beta ray sterilisation

Safety and quality

Total biocompatibility

Complete remodelling

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