Axiom® BL Implants

Performance, performance, performance!

The Axiom® BL (Bone Level) implant comes in 2 profiles: REG, suitable for most clinical indications, and PX, for immediate post-extraction implantations and low-density bone.

Axiom® BL speeds up biological integration, and its sub-crestal placement offers more flexible aesthetic treatment. Its three-lobed, conical, single-diameter connection is compatible with the diameters of all Axiom® BL REG and Axiom BL® PX implants (except Axiom BL 2.8). The inLink® abutment permits the use of the integrated connection to Simeda® CAD-CAM multiple-unit prostheses. The entire Axiom® BL series of prostheses is suitable for all types of restorations, whether single- or multiple-unit, cemented or screw-retained.

The product advantages

Sealed conical connection

Platform switching to stabilize soft and hard tissue

Complete prostheses: multi-unit abutments and inLink® connection for multiple screw-retained restorations

Sub-crestal placement for optimal aesthetic results

Simeda® CAD-CAM solution

1 compact surgical kit compatible with both Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL implants

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