NSK Dental Surgic Pro Series

The professional choice

NSK offers advanced technology to greatly enhance clinical performance. Surgic Pro is compact, lightweight and powerful to reliably deliver everything that professionals demand.

NSK developed the Surgic Pro by analysing feedback from clinicians to ensure that this 5th generation surgical micromotor satisfies professional requirements. The light and compact Surgic Pro features an LED light for high visibility with up to 80Ncm of torque for diverse surgical procedures, paving the way for an advanced treatment environment.

The product advantages

Shorter & Lighter: This new surgical micromotor is 16.2mm shorter and weighs 42g less compared to the conventional optic surgical micromotor.

LED: LED illumination helps the clinicians to focus more easily on the treatment area and contributes to precise surgery

Clearer : LEDs generate natural daylight quality light which gives clearer vision when compared to halogen light.

Durable : LED light sources are longer lasting and more durable than halogen bulbs.

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