Axiom® Multi Level® REG & PX profiles

REG & PX : 2 profiles for Axiom® Multi-Level® implants

The Axiom® Bone Level and Axiom® Tissue Level implants come in 2 profiles: REG and PX. Together, they cover all types of clinical situations. The conical cylindrical REG profile is used in most clinical indications and all bone types. It provides effective primary stability.

The conical PX profile is used in immediate post-extraction implantations and low-density bone.

The product advantages

REG Profile

Simple, intuitive drilling procedure

Bone is compressed gradually thanks to asymmetrical, progressive, self-tapping threading

Primary attachment is optimised thanks to the threaded neck

Can perform sinus lifts using the atraumatic apex

PX Profile

Guidance and rapid penetration into the bone using double symmetrical threading:

Self-drilling and self-tapping, attaches as soon as drilling begins using deep, thin threads

Protects the cortical surface and develops the alveolar bone through a reverse conical neck

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