Axiom TL Prosthesis Line

The Axiom® Tissue Level prosthetic range enables the production of CAD-CAM screw-retained prostheses, either Simeda® customised prostheses or with Labside components, dedicated to laboratories.

The inLink® connection is for Simeda® customised screw-retained multiple-unit restorations without an intermediate abutment. It is also possible to produce Simeda® screw-retained multi-unit, Labside or conventional prostheses on TL Multi-Unit abutments, platforms N and R.

The trilobate connection with an M1.6 screw connection is used for single restorations. The dual connection makes it possible to easily upgrade a single restoration to a multi-unit restoration.

The product advantages

The Axiom® TL N/4.0 and R/4.8 platforms are identifiable by colour code or laser markings

inLink® temporary abutments, straight or angled, for the preparation of soft tissue and a Simeda® final prosthesis

UNIQUE ! Axiom® TL and Axiom® BL compatible Multi-Unit ancillaries and secondary components

Complete laboratory kit with components for the preparation of a temporary or permanent prosthesis

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