Bone Sets The Tone

Q-SIP is Ireland’s specialist provider of implant dentistry and oral surgery products and tools, working with market leading brands including Geistlich, Bioteck, Ustomed and Regedent.

Our objective is to provide a simplified supply chain for our customers, providing a comprehensive product range of the highest standards. With over two decades of in-house dental and implant market knowledge, we have sourced and partnered with world leading manufactures to bring you the best possible range of implant and surgery solutions available today.

As a result of our extensive experience we have been able to assemble a comprehensive product range that covers all aspects of implant dentistry and oral surgery including bone substitute materials, membranes, natural regeneration promoters and surgical tools.

Everyone working in implantology has heard the expression “bone sets the tone, but tissue is the issue.” First things first, let’s talk about bone.

Bone Substitute Materials


Geistlich Bio-Oss

Geistlich Bio-Oss® is regarded as the state-of-the-art natural bone substitute in dental bone regeneration – meeting the requirement from clinicians for predictable outcomes.

Geistlich Bio-Oss® is the leading natural bone substitute in regenerative dentistry worldwide, with outstanding osteo-conductive properties that lead to effective and predictable bone regeneration. Geistlich Bio-Oss® particles become an integral part of the newly formed bone framework and preserve volume over the long term. With over 7,000 studies confirming the effectiveness of Bio-Oss, this product is particularly popular amongst Q-SIP clients. Learn more about Geistlich Bio-Oss here.


Bioteck Bio-Gen

The Bio-Gen range of bone substitute materials from Bioteck offer an excellent alternative to the Geistlich Bio-Oss range while also providing outstanding value.

Bioteck bone substitutes are obtained from equine bone tissue and are enzymatically treated with Zymo-Teck®. This exclusive proprietary process is based on the utilisation of lytic enzymes operating at controlled temperatures. This enables the complete elimination of the antigen components of the tissue, without the mineral phase undergoing any changes.

The unmodified bone mineral component is recognized as endogenous by the osteoclasts, thereby allowing for the total remodelling of the graft, which is completely replaced, in physiological time, by new patient vital bone tissue, providing the best possible conditions for osseointegrated implants. Learn more about Bioteck Bio-Gen here.

Membranes & Graft Stabilisation


Geistlich Bio-Gide

Geistlich Bio-Gide® is a collagen membrane for reliable bone regeneration and optimal tissue integration, providing patients 3-4 weeks of coverage. The natural collagen structure of Geistlich Bio-Gide® has a unique bilayer collagen membrane that permits prompt and homogeneous vascularization and so brings about optimal tissue integration and wound stabilization.

The smooth side of Geistlich Bio-Gide® prevents soft tissue from growing into the defect and serves as a scaffold for the attachment of fibroblasts, while the rough, open-pored layer side serves as a framework for bone cells and blood vessels. Learn more about Geistlich Bio-Gide here.


Bioteck Biocollagen

The Biocollagen membrane from Bioteck is a natural membrane made from equine based achiles tendon for guided bone regeneration, providing protection time of 4-6 weeks. This particular membrane provides excellent value, is easy to handle and is a suitable solution to cover small defects where regeneration occurs rapidly. Learn more about Bioteck Biocollagen here.


Bioteck Pericardium

The pericardium membrane from Bioteck is a structured membrane where many molecular links among its constituents (collagen and elastin) are preserved. Its protection time is quite long at 3-4 months, after which time degradation begins, and the membrane is no more occlusive. Compared to a standard collagen membrane its protection time is much longer but can be handled as easily as a collagen variant. Fixation is not necessary and it is resorbable but is recommended if stability is not certain. Learn more about Bioteck Pericardium here.


Geistlich / Osteogenics Titanium Reinforced PTFE

Geistlich / Osteogenics titanium reinforced PTFE allows users to take advantage of a form-stable barrier membrane that allows for better vascularization of the underlying bone graft, as like with collagen membranes. Titanium-reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membranes are a well documented off-the-shelf solution for vertical alveolar ridge augmentation in oral and maxillofacial bone regeneration. They provide stability through the integrated titanium structure and provide a secluded space for undisturbed bone formation.

The novel Re-inforced PTFE Mesh RPM from Geistlich / Osteogenics is characterized by perforations that allow vascularization from the periosteum.

Circular perforations of 660 microns (0.66mm) -> allowing proper graft vascularization from periosteum to bone graft

Titanium frame maintains space  -> essential for vertical bone augmentation.

PTFE allows easy trimming and adaptation -> thickness of 250 microns, the most inert & stable polymer in the biological system.

RPMTM combines the benefits of a stable scaffold and a PTFE barrier membrane, whilst allowing optimal supply of the bone graft through vascularisation from the periosteum to obtain vital bone. The concept and design of RPMTM was co-developed with Prof. Istvan Urban, Hungary/USA and reflects the same principles as the Sausage Technique, but for vertical alveolar ridge augmentation8.

Learn more about Geistlich / Osteogenics Titanium Reinforced PTFE here.


Geistlich Yxoss CBR

Yxoss CBR from Geistlich is the first customszed 3-D printed bone regeneration solution for complex bone defects.

ReOss® uses the most up-to-date CAD/CAM technology available to satisfy patient-specific requirements regarding a planned bone augmentation. In a patented process, a contoured, form-stable scaffold is 3-D printed of the purest titanium based on CT- or CBCT-images, allowing customized bone regeneration (CBR®). Yxoss CBR has the potential to revolutionise oral bone augmentation by customising the commonly used “titanium mesh”, using a digital workflow to fit the individual anatomy of each patient.

Have you ever customized the regenerative procedure together with a surgery guide for the correct prosthetic implant positioning? Now, this is possible with Yxoss CBR® Backward.

ReOss® offers the option of integrated implant positioning in the surgical planning. By ordering 3-D designs for Yxoss CBR® you can also order the prosthetic positioning for using the Yxoss CBR® scaffold as a surgical guide for implant placement.

You will receive the digital proposal for the digital 3-D design with the opening already integrated in the Yxoss CBR® scaffold for future positioning of the implant pilot drill. After sending your design approval to ReOss, you will receive Yxoss CBR® Backward scaffold for sterilization and implantation.

During simultaneous approach or at the time of reopening, Yxoss CBR® Backward with its pre-existing openings, can serve as your surgical guide for the positioning of the implant pilot drill. Further implant insertions steps can be performed after the removal of the scaffold. Learn more about Geistlich Yxoss here.

Regeneration Promoter


Regedent Hyadent BG

HYADENT BG from Regedent is a natural promoter of bone regeneration, allowing the accelerated healing of tissue and improved outcomes and predictability. Studies have shown that prolonged presence of Hyadent based hyaluronic acid during the healing process promotes healing by regeneration, accelerating the healing of both soft tissue and bone. Speak to Q-SIP today about HYADENT BG or read more here.

Tools & Instruments


Ustomed Titan Pin Set

The Ustomed Titan Pin Set has been developed for the fixation of titanium meshes and membranes and includes the following:

  • Functional box design with space for 15 pins
  • One-piece Applicator instrument for easy pin pick-up
  • Titan pins available in 3mm length

Ustomed Bone Fixation Set

This very compact and universally applicable set has been specially designed to meet all the requirements of advanced implantology.

Utilised by dental professionals around the world, the Bone Fixation Set comes with the following:

  • Advanced storage box allowing all established thermo-disinfection and autoclaving procedures
  • Highly ergonomic screwdriver with optimal handle length
  • Precision milled, cross-recessed titanium Micro Screws
  • Removable ruler for exact measurement of screw length and augmentate

Learn more about the Ustomed product range here.

While the products listed above are benefitting our clients across Ireland, Q-SIP are also proud to offer additional products and tools from our other international manufacturers including Anthogyr, Renier Dental and Axiom. Speak with a member of the Q-SIP team today or visit our website here.

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