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Continuing our theme from our previous newsletter, we will further examine the topic “the bone sets the tone, but the tissue is the issue.” Having discussed bone substitute materials, membranes, regeneration promoters and tools earlier this month, we now examine the issue of tissue.

Treating soft tissue defects traditionally requires a significant palatal tissue harvest to adequately supply enough donor material to successfully treat the defect. This can often lead to undesired surgical and post-surgical complications for both the surgeon and the patient. While Q-SIP has a full range of instruments available for the successful harvesting of soft tissue, we also offer alternative products from Gesitlich that negate the need to perform this challenging procedure.

Geistlich Fibrogide – Alternative to Connective Tissue Graft

Geistlich Fibro-Gide® is a porcine, porous, resorbable and volume-stable collagen matrix, specifically designed for soft-tissue regeneration. The collagen matrix is made of reconstituted collagen and undergoes smart chemically cross-linking to improve its volume stability while maintaining good biocompatibility. The matrix is available in two sizes:

  • 15 x 20 x 6 mm
  • 20 x 40 x 6 mm

The porous network of Geistlich Fibro-Gide® supports angiogenesis, formation of new connective tissue and stability of the collagen network in submerged healing. In vivo animal models have shown good integration of Geistlich Fibro-Gide® into the surrounding soft-tissue while maintaining stability.

Geistlich Fibro-Gide® is the alternative to autogenous connective tissue grafts (CTG), which are considered as the gold standard in regenerative soft-tissue procedures. With Geistlich Fibro-Gide® additional harvest site is avoided and patient morbidity is reduced.

The collagen expertise of Geistlich has led to a tailor-made product meeting the clinical needs and providing therapeutic solutions in oral soft-tissue regeneration. More than 1,000 prototypes were developed and tested in order to get a product like Geistlich Fibro-Gide®.

Geistlich Mucograft – Alternative to Free Gingiville Graft  

What is Geistlich Mucograft®?

  • Device for soft-tissue regeneration to improve keratinized tissue. Geistlich Mucograft® is a 3D-matrix for soft-tissue regeneration in the oral cavity.
  • Porcine collagen: The device is made of Swiss porcine collagen which will be replaced by your own soft tissue during the regeneration process.
  • Swiss quality materials: As an approved medical device, Geistlich Mucograft® fulfils highest standards for quality and safety.

What are your benefits with Geistlich Mucograft®?

  • Less pain: Geistlich Mucograft® avoids the harvest of soft tissue from your palate.
  • This eliminates harvest site complications like pain or infections.
  • Easier recovery: Eliminating the soft-tissue harvest from your palate allows an easier recovery and faster return to your normal lifestyle.
  • Less surgical chair time: With Geistlich Mucograft® the surgical time is clearly reduced.
  • Excellent soft-tissue healing: Geistlich Mucograft® naturally integrates into your own soft tissue without device related inflammation.
  • Better aesthetic blend: The device promotes better colour and structure blend with neighbouring tissue compared to soft-tissue harvested from your palate.

Leading clinicians rely on Geistlich Mucograft®:

  • No harvest-site morbidity
  • Less pain compared with autologous grafts
  • Reduced surgical chair-time compared with autologous grafts
  • Natural soft-tissue colour and texture match
  • Early vascularization and good soft-tissue in growth
  • Good wound healing, also in open situations
  • Easy handling and application in a dry state

Geistlich Mucograft® consists of two structures: the compact structure provides stability while allowing open healing; the spongy structure supports blood clot stabilization and ingrowth of soft-tissue cells.

Geistlich Mucograft® is easy to handle compared with autologous soft-tissue grafts:

  • Unlimited availability and consistent quality
  • No need for pre-treatment or pre-hydration
  • Measure the defect and trim the matrix to the required shape
  • Apply the dry Geistlich Mucograft® to the defect; it will moisten rapidly due to marked hydrophilicity
  • Position the compact structure facing outwards and the spongy structure towards the bone or periosteum
  • Soaked matrix adapts spontaneously to contours and adheres well to defect
  • The compact structure provides optimal suture pull-out strength



HYADENT BG, a highly concentrated and cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel, is designed specifically for the application in the dental field. Hyaluronic acid (HA), as one of main components of the extracellular matrix is naturally present in the human body. Studies have shown that prolonged presence of HA during the healing process promotes healing by regeneration rather than reparation. Besides accelerating the healing of soft tissue and bone the bacteriostatic properties of HA also protect the wound.

HYADENT BG remains present throughout the various phases of the healing process due to its slow degradation pattern (several weeks). In addition, it aids the surgical periodontal treatment after application to the root surface and soft tissue. This leads to faster wound closure, substantial pocket reduction and enhanced attachment.

When mixed with bone substitute material of any origin HYADENT BG forms an easily manageable putty, which may in addition lead to accelerated bone formation.

Ustomed Instrument Set for Mucogingival Plastic Surgery

We have a full range of instruments available including this Mucugingival Plastic Surgery Set from Ustomed. This particular set includes a range of

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